Because today luxury is synonymous of opened and large spaces, access to a preserved nature, spontaneous and unexpected encounters, authentic and varied leisure, without forgetting a tasty gastronomy resulting from a privileged land and an idyllic climate, the Lot-et-Garonne is the precious and valued partner of ideal holidays.

On the borders of the Gironde, the Landes and the Dordogne, it is a land that offers plenty of diversity and wonders : from the valley of the Garonne that forms the boundary of the country of Guyenne and its Dropt valley, the Gascony country that opens the door of the Landes, passing by the Lot valley and its country of Confluences. Around the rivers, with their hillsides and small valleys to the north, its woods and pine forests that point their needles to the south, the whole nature offers to one's eyes beautiful landscapes where prevails a colourful mosaic worthy the most famous artists, whether they be painters or farmers !

The wide range of discoveries is fascinating and exciting : a medieval fortified town, a village with character, a welcoming church, an unusual dovecote, a perched mill or a market hall, the castle of Duras, the capital city, Marmande la Jolie, Casteljaloux, the nautical halts on the edge of the Canal of the Entre-Deux-Mers.

And there, one can enjoy a boat-ride in a barge, thematic walking paths, hiking with a guide, lakes, river beaches, horse riding, biking, golf courses, canoeing, microlighting, or fishing for an oxygenation more… peaceful!

And how not to honour this exceptional area that makes the Lot-et-Garonne a fabulous and wealthy garden! Directly to the producers, farmers or wine-growers of AOC (controlled designation of origin) Côtes of Marmandais, Duras and Buzet, or to the typical local markets, discover and enjoy all the flavors of the Southwest to please your appetite and your palate of unforgettable dishes and delicacies.